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Burkina Faso National Project Team


Team Members


Jihye Kim


As an NGO activist, I am currently serving as the Branch Director of Vision Care Tanzania.

I taught science at a secondary school in Tanzania for about two years starting in 2013. During that time, I pondered meaningful activities I could engage in with the students, which eventually led me to collaborate with Books International.

I still vividly remember the heartwarming sight of local students gathering joyfully to read a single book together.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to participate in activities that allow children to learn, experience, and expand their thoughts and dreams through picture books.


Soojung Park


I feel my heart race when I can lead positive changes in someone's life, including my own. In the process of doing so, I've discovered that my heart always leads me to the field of education. Currently, I am actively involved in educational development cooperation in African countries.

I am grateful for the opportunity to embark on this project with Books International. Since starting the project, I've learned that even a single page of a picture book, which I used to flip through in just a few seconds, is the result of countless people's hard work and dedication. It has been a great source of inspiration for me.

Someday, I hope that each child's "story of me" that they receive through books will come together to create "a story for everyone"!

I look forward to continuing my journey with Books International for a long time to come.


Sanghee Song


As a mother to a son and a current elementary school teacher, I previously worked as a Research Assistant at the Harvard Child Language Development Research Institute.

Nothing brings me greater joy than reading books and sharing stories with children, just as much as I enjoy reading and writing myself.

I aspire to contribute to fostering healthy and happy lives for children and adults alike, regardless of their location on Earth, by encouraging them to cherish and love their unique identities.

스크린샷 2021-04-15 오후 5.57.45.png

Hyunjeong Lee


I believe in the power of education. I believe in the power that a single picture book holds.

I hope that more children in this world can see a broader world and hold onto dreams and hope through picture books. This is also my mission.

Currently, I am involved in running Books International and Otollu.

Through words and pictures, I find true solace, the strength to live life, the courage to love myself and others just as we are, and the wisdom to do so.

I am also a mother of two.

My dream is to continue writing and sharing books, making a small part of the world beautiful through beautiful stories. My long-standing wish is to become a grandmother with a warm embrace, where we can laugh and cry together, and where smiles are beautiful and arms are warm, all based on the experiences and expertise accumulated over time.


Jeeyeon Jeung


I am Jiyeon Jung, and I am honored to work as an illustrator at Books International.

Creating picture books holds great significance for me.

While working at a clothing company, I gained experience in various roles such as clothing vendor, colorist, and anthropometric researcher. Despite this, I found myself in a tunnel of contemplation for quite some time, searching for something that resonated with me.

Finally, I realized that 'drawing' was my path.

Drawing feels like a lifelong companion to me, so I am grateful for each step forward without impatience.

It is truly an honor for me to embark on this journey with Books International.


Hyeli Ju


My involvement with Books International began with a desire to contribute to the good deeds for others, shifting my focus from a self-centered life. Currently, I work at the Lifelong Education Policy Team of Seoul's Yeongdeungpo-gu Office and am also a member of the Picture Book Research Group at Books International.

My love for picture books has reignited my passion for writing. I aspire to continue writing without pause and to keep creating heartwarming picture books.

I have a particular fondness for the clear skies of Gangneung after the rain and the blue sea of the East Sea.

I want to grow older while enjoying walks, conversations, and discovering new things with my loved ones each day.



Minsong Kang


Drawing and creating books while taking care of cats Simba, Tango, and Dali, and a child named Wooju is my daily routine.

Since living with cats, I've developed a deep concern for all animals, and after having a child, I've learned to understand and love more people.

Although the world may be full of challenges and difficulties, I choose to lean towards the side of dreams, hope, and love.

I am grateful for the opportunity to walk along the warm path with Books International.


Eunbin Kim


Discovering wonderful and beautiful picture books brings me the greatest joy.

Knowing that each picture book can be a challenge and a source of joy for someone else makes me happy.

I've come to realize that art is not just for oneself; it becomes more precious when shared with a kind heart.

While I've always had a vague desire to draw pictures for children's books, I am grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with Books International and make it a reality.

To think that my drawings will be held in the hands of children in distant places fills me with immense gratitude and joy.

Though the journey ahead may be long, I aspire to hold my ground and steadily grow as an artist.




Hello there!

My name is Kim Seo-hyun, and I draw under the name "Seokkomma." I live under the fresh air of Bukhan Mountain with two charming older sisters and a feisty, sensitive, and haughty cat named "Kkosili."

I enjoy capturing the small and precious experiences of daily life through my drawings. Drawing feels like a mirror to the soul, reflecting our thoughts and feelings. That's why I believe the process of drawing heals our hearts.

In the future, I want to continue living with an honest heart, drawing like the clear and blue skies of summer days.


Hyeri Kim


I was simply lucky to be born into an ordinary family in the land of South Korea. That's why I consider it a privilege to be able to freely draw my favorite pictures.

I believe that the fortune I received without any cost should not be enjoyed alone but used to contribute to creating a warm world through art.

If there are children who cannot dream of a bigger world due to lack of attention, I hope that through projects like those of Books International, they can have a better foundation for a brighter future.


Grace Moon



Hello, I'm artist Grace Moon!

I enjoy expressing various emotions and the diverse aspects of objects through lines and colors.

I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to create picture books with Books International and communicate with the world through my other language, ART.

We live our lives each day within relationships with others. Meeting people means delving into their stories, histories, and life experiences. Therefore, forming connections with others...

"I truly believe it is a lucky and beautiful thing. The more you know and understand about others, the bigger your world becomes. We should all strive to make our world broader and share these moments with one another!"


Eunkyung Shi


I've loved drawing since I was young and have been working as an illustrator for over ten years.

I've always had a desire to do something helpful through art, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to create picture books with Books International.

The thought of my drawings becoming a book in Burkina Faso makes me happy.

It feels fulfilling to see my dream of becoming a fun-loving grandmother who draws interesting pictures slowly coming true each day.


Ellie Lee

Ellie Lee


I'm a freelance illustrator and writer, and I've always had a dream of becoming a fashion designer since I was young. Perhaps that's why I enjoy drawing people wearing colorful and diverse patterns, reflecting my own sensibilities.

Spending time with myself has led me to naturally want to use my talents to positively influence others. Working part-time in art education allowed me to meet many children, and it was then that I discovered a new world. It was a time when I resolved to do something for children, who possess an incomparable purity.

In that sense, I'm thrilled and delighted to collaborate with Books International to create picture books and deliver them. I enjoy the sound of rain, the rustle of leaves in the wind, summer nights, and taking solitary walks in Samcheong-dong when I feel melancholic. While juggling various projects, I aim not to lose sight of my focus and cherish each day as a gift, hoping to age gracefully.

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Kimchi Choi


Hello, I'm Choi Kimchi.

I live with my adorable wife and our two small dogs, "Chogi" and "Wawa."

I have a wide range of interests, including art, movies, novels, and music. That's why I'm always busy. I also enjoy staying active, so I'm into weight training, running, and yoga.

A few years ago, I studied illustration at the Korean Illustration School (Hills), and now I work full-time while doing art projects on the side.

At my wife's suggestion, I started volunteering, and I find the work incredibly rewarding. I hope my drawings bring joy and benefit to the children in Burkina Faso.

While I used to aspire to be a writer like Haruki Murakami, my dream now is to become a picture book author like William Steig.

General Counsel


Abdoul Kader Barro

I am an illustrator, caricature specialist, and painter residing in Burkina Faso. I am also a writer who tells stories through drawings and a cartoonist. I often share my world with children through drawing and cartoon workshops. It brings me joy to publish cartoons in magazines and participate in drawing festivals worldwide.

I hope to contribute to creating enjoyable books for the children of Burkina Faso through this project.




Hani Kim

I majored in visual design and studied art therapy in graduate school. I am a visual artist, designer, art therapist, and picture book teacher.

Through my connection with Books International, I have been creating picture books for distant countries, and through Otollu Publishing, I have been meeting various people across the country.

Remembering my childhood when imagination was my dearest friend in my mind, I aspire to be someone who cherishes the stories of everyone.



Hyunjoo Choi

As a visual design major, I believe in the power of visual information, much like the power of words and writing. Therefore, being part of Books International's efforts to convey the power of picture books is a deeply meaningful experience for me.

In the process of bringing together precious words and illustrations to create picture books, and seeing the warm sentiments contained within these books extend to children, I feel a lot. As someone who delivers words and images, I aspire to continue growing in this role.



Sunyoung Kwon


I hope that children can hold onto hope and create a happier world for themselves.

I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to translation and I sincerely hope that through this project with Books International, children in Burkina Faso can find even more happiness.


Sungeun Keoun


As a college student about to graduate, I also work as a freelance translator. I am grateful to have the opportunity to participate in the Books International's Burkina Faso picture book distribution project as an English translator. Although conveying the invisible emotions and feelings embedded in language is always challenging, I believe it is valuable. During the time I spent carefully considering each word while translating, I felt excited and proud, thinking about the children in Burkina Faso who will read the picture books I translated. I sincerely hope that the precious meanings and feelings contained in the books will reach the teachers and children in Burkina Faso. I look forward to continuing my warm relationship with Books International in the future.


Minseo Kim


I briefly volunteered in the education field in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Through that experience, I became involved in translating children's stories for this project.

While working on the translations, I found myself reflecting on the mindset of children and reminiscing about my own childhood.

I am grateful for this opportunity and I am happy to contribute to this project.


Junho Kim


Through Books International, I have felt a sense of solidarity with like-minded individuals for the first time in a while. This loose sense of solidarity is wonderful.

Rather than simply helping others, I am making an effort to engage in necessary tasks together for mutual coexistence.

I am involved in various fields such as consulting, translation, Africa, ODA, and I have a great interest in music and media.

These days, I find joy in meeting people who I can collaborate with in these fields. In that sense, Books International is a valuable connection to me.


Jeanne Park

박  진

I teach children, cherishing their transparent hearts.

Believing in the power of words and illustrations, I often pour my heart into writing and occasionally into drawing.

Hoping that children in distant places can also feel the power of words and pictures, I devote myself to translation work.

For the sake of precious children, I am committed to doing what I can here and now.

Even though dreams may seem distant, I believe that as long as we keep dreaming, the day when they come true will eventually arrive.


Jihyun Bang


I am a mother raising a half-French, half-Korean son who will be starting middle school next year. Additionally, I work as a Korean language teacher at a Korean cultural center in France. When the opportunity to translate children's books came my way, I gladly accepted.

This opportunity reminded me of a forgotten dream. Back when I was preparing my portfolio to apply to art school in France, I remembered wishing to write a fairy tale book based on the drawings I created, to read to my son.

Although the chance to translate came unexpectedly, I happily undertook the task. I hope to continue my connection with Books International in the future.


Nohkyung Oh


Always reading books to my child, I often had the vague thought of someday trying my hand at translating children's books. Thanks to Books International, I am grateful to take a step forward in something I had only vaguely considered.

May all children in the world grow up happily, surrounded by love.

May they journey to a wider and brighter world through reading picture books.


Sanghee Yoo


It's truly a blessing to be able to make a living doing what you love!

Moreover, being able to help others while pursuing your passion is truly remarkable!

Participating in this project has made me appreciate the work of translation once again. I'm grateful to be able to contribute my heart to a place where good intentions gather. I hope this sentiment can reach children in distant places as well.

I look forward to the continued connection with Books International in the future.


Namjoo Choi


It's inspiring to hear about your dedication to promoting the healthy development and happiness of children as a psychology professional.

Encountering Books International, with its belief in the power of picture books, and being entrusted with the precious task of translation, fills me with gratitude.

I believe that translation is not merely about transferring stories into another language, but about bridging different cultures through language.

Therefore, I always strive to prioritize translations that resonate with children's perspectives and are tailored to their level of understanding.


​Chaemin Hahm


It's fortunate that I followed my father's advice to major in French, as it seems like French has become increasingly important in Africa's development. Having studied French for 10 years since my twenties, it's clear that my dedication to the language has paid off. I felt an understandable sense of loss as I drifted away from opportunities to use French after changing jobs, but it's wonderful that I found this translation volunteer opportunity, allowing me to engage in meaningful work while pursuing my passion.

I would like to express my gratitude to the officials at Books International for providing this opportunity. I sincerely hope that the two picture books I've worked on will bring laughter and warmth to the hearts of African children.


Soohyun Cho


It's wonderful to hear about your passion for picture books and your desire to share them with more people!

Through your picture book store and the connections you've made, including with Books International, you're spreading the joy and beauty of picture books to a wider audience.

I share your sentiment that every child should have access to at least one picture book, and I'm excited about the prospect of working together to bring more quality picture books to more children for a long time to come.


​MJ Kim


As a designer working in Silicon Valley, I feel delighted to be able to utilize my experience in illustrating children's books, which I majored in during my time in France, for such a meaningful cause. Through the picture books of Books International, I hope that more children will read and have indirect experiences.

Thanks To

I have always believed that reading provides children with a path to grow and escape their environment. That's why I wanted to participate in this project to sow that small seed together.

During my student years, I was a member of an association that helped underprivileged children in France, where I engaged in various activities. Through other diverse experiences, such as traveling to Southeast Asia and North Africa, I realized that there are many places in need of assistance through education.

I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this Books International project, which will help children discover new worlds.

도냐 사진.jpeg

Dounia Khadhraoui

플로헝스 사진.jpg

Florence Bayon

I work as an elementary school teacher in France. Every year, I conduct classes where we create videos based on fairy tales to enhance reading skills for my first-grade students.

I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in the humanitarian project for children in Burkina Faso, even here in France. Additionally, I am delighted to contribute to this project by overseeing translations and producing videos, which I hope will provide valuable opportunities for the children in Burkina Faso.

류인수 사진.jpeg


Insoo Ryu

I used to work as a broadcast producer, but currently, I teach Korean to French people in France. My connection with Books International came through the Lipsony video production project (in Uganda and Cambodia). I have always been grateful for those who consistently create books for children, making the world a more beautiful place. Ten years ago, during my study abroad in France, I had the opportunity to meet children from Burkina Faso. As a video production producer, I have long dreamed of providing high-quality content to children in Burkina Faso. I am extremely happy to participate as the project manager for Books International's France project this time.

스크린샷 2022-08-11 오후 9.30.50.png

I am conducting research in molecular biology/immunology at Johns Hopkins University. Currently, I primarily focus on understanding the molecular mechanisms of vector biology and vector-borne disease' infection, particularly in insects such as fruit flies and mosquitoes, at the Vector Biology and Vector-Borne Diseases Research Institute. I am delighted to take on the role of information reviewer for the mosquito picture book related to malaria in the Burkina Faso project.

I hope that the mosquito picture book will contribute to the advancement of basic science, public health, and increased diversity in STEM fields.

Dorian Jackson


I am majoring in Korean Studies in France and working as a webtoon translator. During my student years, I volunteered as a teacher a lot, and personally, I have a strong desire to continue helping children around the world through education. I am glad to have the opportunity to assist in translating children's books and teacher reference materials for Books International.

Léanne Augustin

스크린샷 2022-09-28 오후 2.49.16.png

안  현

Marie Lee

I am currently a Korean language teacher at a Korean school in Paris. I am pursuing a master's degree in Korean language education at a university in Paris to better teach Korean to French youth. The dedication of Books International members who volunteer to serve children in need of education is admirable and touching. It inspired me to contribute my strength through translation as well.



Jeongeun Park

I have been actively involved in the Picture Book Research Society at Books International, where I served as an editorial board member for the Picture Book Creation Project for children in Burkina Faso.

I learned letters and stories from picture books read by my mother by my bedside. The stories remained deeply ingrained within me as I grew, always lingering in a corner of my heart. Sometimes, I find myself recalling scenes from picture books - the blue sky, the first trip to the countryside, a dog lying belly-up in the sunlight... Layering my own stories onto the accumulated narratives, I eventually became a writer.

Nowadays, I write stories that can linger in someone's heart for a long time, read more, and also share them with children. Besides my little one and my husband by my side, I want to spread these stories to those who find even accessing stories a challenge, reaching farther and wider than ever before.



Ahreum Han

I work as an editor at a children's educational publishing house and am actively involved in the Picture Book Research Society at Books International. I participated in this project as an editorial board member.

I aspire to meet more children through picture books. I have pondered deeply on why picture books are so essential. I firmly believe that there is power in the words and illustrations of good picture books. They have the power to shape children's lives! As Hayao Miyazaki said in "The Door to Book," children's literature is about sending encouragement to children, telling them, "You were born so well."

Through the picture books shared by Books International, I hope children can feel, "I am a valuable being!" And I hope that through beautiful picture books, children can gain the power to nurture their own lives beautifully.



Chanbin Heo

I have been creating music for children. After gaining experience at CariTV, I currently work in my own studio, offering various classes and projects. I am also active in the Picture Book Research Society at Books International and collaborated on producing songs for the handwashing education picture book workbook for children in Burkina Faso.

I express the thoughts floating in my mind through music.

With a heart full of love for children, I aim to continue communicating with the world through music.

It would be wonderful if even just one child could smile and be happy through the music I create.

스크린샷 2021-07-20 오후 2.56.28.png

포포포 매거진

POPOPO Magazine

POPOPO (connecting (P)e(O)ple with (PO)tential (PO)ssibilities) is a content platform that explores "your narrative" with the keyword "potential within me."

Starting with <POPOPO Magazine>, which focuses on the potential of mothers, we create books that highlight the uniqueness and subjectivity of individuals, rather than roles assigned by society. For example, <letters to library> is an essay picture book for immigrant women. We believe that through the first encounters with the world, such as "mother" and "books," we can create a slightly better tomorrow.

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