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 Books International, established in 2011, is an international NGO which awarded the status of Korea UNESCO ESD official project. Its headquarters is currently located in Seoul, South Korea. 


 Books International is dedicated to developing potential in children living in the world’s poorest countries and developing countries, by planning, publishing and delivering children’s storybooks which are written in their own languages.

To achieve this, cooperating with Books International, ordinary people, students, rising designers and writers are playing a key role as active global citizens.


 Books International strives to produce educational materials which well comprehend children’s situation and which are sensitive to their culture and custom. The organization also struggles to ensure every child’s right to access education regardless of social barriers such as income level, geographical location and gender. 


 Particularly, the Series of Global Citizenship Education Storybooks aim to help children in the world poorest countries develop their dreams, expand their awareness of the world around them, and ultimately become global citizens.

​서울특별시 비영리민간단체 1832호

유네스코지속가능발전교육공식프로젝트UNESCO ESD Official Project

사업자등록번호 201-80-04902

A.  (03176) 서울시 종로구 경희궁1가길 5, CONEW space

T.  02-6348-1390

Korea Copyright (C) 2011 BooksInternational. All rights reserved.